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Delta Tech Industries, LLC. began life as Durimex, Inc. in 1978 as a manufacturer of auxiliary lights. The company's initial target market was the off-road community and it enjoyed success with many famous racers, including the late Mickey Thompson, within SCORE and other racing organizations.

By 1983, Durimex Inc. had redirected the company's full efforts to production for O.E.M. and private labels. At the time, the majority of the company's production was for Sylvania. However, that portfolio would soon grow. Over the years, the company supplied lights for NAPA's distribution system, Federal Mogul (under the Signal-Stat brand), R.E. Dietz and Truck-Lite.

In 2000, the company's profile changed from contract manufacturing under private brands, to manufacturering under the company's own brand and Delta Tech Industries was born. The company drastically refocussed its efforts and, over time, expanded Delta's product line from five lights, to over eighty lighting models and accessories. As of SEMA 2006, the company will be introducing over twenty new products, which brings Delta's entire product line to over one-hundred lighting models and accessories.

Delta Tech Industries caters to more market segments in the automotive-aftermarket than any other leading light company in the automotive industry. In addition, Delta Tech Industries supplies lights to the industrial market, as well as GM. The company has been on a non-stop growth spurt in the industry since it began marketing its own brand and the results have been amazing. Today, Delta Tech Industries continues to be the most innovative company in the performance lighting industry ... and our product line proves it.

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Delta tech lighting offers a wide range of quality lighting options geared toward the off-road enthusiast. With many vehicle specific lighting kits for Jeep and Hummer, its quality H.I.D. products, and innovative mounting options, Delta Tech is able to offer some of the best lighting solutions on the market.

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