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Hummer H1 Interior Enhancements.

MOMO Steering Wheels.

MOMO Exclusive.

 MOMO Olympic 2000.

 MOMO Race

MOMO Commando


 MOMO Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

Improve knee room for your Hummer passengers.

 Before Knee Panel.

 After Knee Panel.



 Replace your cheap plastic switch bezels with our tough aluminum bezels. Chances are you will never replace another broken switch bezel. Available in either natural aluminum or black.

 Genuine Hummer Dash trim. Rosewood shown above.

 Carbon Fiber shown above.



 Genuine Hummer Dash trim. Available in, Rosewood, Elm Burlwood (shown at left), and Carbon Fiber .


 Madera Premium Woodgrain kit . Installation and other finishes available.



 Tuffy Locking security box.


 Wet Okole Seat Covers.

Many colors available.

Front set of two #9577B

Rear set of two #9632B


 Genuine Hummer seat covers.


 Genuine Hummer leather seat covers.

 Adventure Accessories Hummer Floor mats.

Custom floor mats made exclusivley for the Hummer.

 H1 Floor Liners

Rugged floor liners designed for the Hummer. Available in Black, Gray or Tan.

H1 Cargo Area Floor Liner

Rugged floor cargo area liner designed for the Hummer. Available in Black, Gray or Tan.


 Genuine Hummer Cargo area liner.

Tan or Gray


 Genuine Hummer auxiliary seat.

 Monsoon Stereo Remote control.

Convenient radio tray mounts to window pillar of your Hummer.

All Factory Hummer parts are available at deep discounts.

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